Welcome to Leicester Chameleons.

A support and social group for transgendered, their friends and family. Based in Leicester.

(but you can be from anywhere).

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Apologies for not updating the page recently. This website uses Flash Player as its editor - but Flash Player became obsolete on Jan 1st and was automatically uninstalled from my laptop. I've had to do a fair amount of hacking to get Flash Player back and working again. If I have more trouble updating this site, I will post updates on our Facebook Page instead @


Now for actual news: The bad news is that there's not going to be a meeting on May 1st. Manor House have told me that due to the current Covid restrictions, we cannot be allowed into the premises until the regulations are eased - which would be July 3rd.

The good news is that according to my information, the regulations do not apply to support groups - so I'm attempting to negotiate with them to see if I can book us in for June 5th. I will try to keep you all updated...